The Mostely True Story of Jack by Kelly Barnhill

I am doing my book report on The mostly True Story of Jack by Kelly Barnhill. This is an amazing book. here is a short summary:
When Jack is sent to Hazelwood, Iowa, to live with his strange aunt and uncle, he expects a summer of boredom. Little does he know that the people of Hazelwood have been waiting for him for quite a long time.
When he arrives, three astonishing things happen: First, he makes friends — not imaginary friends but actual friends. Second, he is beaten up by the town bully; the bullies at home always ignored him. Third, the richest man in town begins to plot Jack’s imminent, and hopefully painful, demise. It’s up to Jack to figure out why suddenly everyone cares so much about him. Back home he was practically, well, invisible.
The Mostly True Story of Jack is an eerie tale of magic, friendship, and sacrifice. It’s about things broken and things put back together. Above all, it’s about finding a place to belong.


Jack has always been invisible. No one in his house ever pays attention to him. The bullies at school didn’t bother him. He had no friends. The kind of attention that would make most kids turn to doing bad things just to get attention.

When his parents divorce Jack is sent to go live with his Aunt and Uncle. Then strange things start to happen to him. The house seems to quiver when he says things like “I’m not going to read this.” and sigh when he says things like “Maybe I will.”

Though he prefers nonfiction, his uncle gives him a book on the town. it help all the weird occurrences that happened to the town, including al the people who have gone missing and eventually forgotten.

Here is one of the things I did for my book reports dear diary statements

I wrote a letter to my parents, and the cats acted weird the whole time, bobbing their heads in time to my writing, and they hissed at the stamp. And when I finally got there to place my letter in the mailbox, there was a letter for me! It was written in 1849 and it was ridiculous!! Later that day when the mailman arrived I tried to give him my letter, but EVERYTHING was erased!


I have tried to write the letter to my mom and dad 8 times over the past four days and it just ended up blank, though this time faster. It was blank by the time that I got to the bottom of the stairs.

Anyway, I made a new friend today. Her name is Wendy. She saved me from a bully. At home, the bullies ignored me! Hazelton is nothing like San Francisco. Wendy has a weird brother. He doesn’t speak, and has scares all over his face. It’s like he has been in a war zone. His name is Frankie.

So I have decided that I’m leaving, I am running, rather walking away, from these crazy people and this weird feeling. I have no money, but it won’t matter. I can just sneak on to the bus, since no one ever notices me.


Sneaking out was a bad idea, there I admit it. I almost got hit by a car, but Anders saved me. And surprisingly, probably luckily, we didn’t talk about it at the meal. At home, I would have gotten in deep trouble, if anyone had noticed that is.

Wendy, Frankie, Anders, and I went over to the old school-house today. Bad idea! Frankie walked in and made everyone worry especially Wendy. Then he talked to me, and handed me a stone despite the fact that I don’t know what to do with it.

Oh, here is Frankie now. I ought to leave to see what he needs before I get hit on the head by a rock.

My favorite part is when Jack pulls his mother Jack into one  person. another part I like to reread finally realises who he really is and saves the day, and when his skateboard turns into a rocket.

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2 Responses to The Mostely True Story of Jack by Kelly Barnhill

  1. sharonledwith says:

    Sounds like a great story, Gaea! Glad to have you back in action! Cheers!

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