Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly

Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly is an amazing beginning to the Waterfire Saga series.

Serafina spends her days practicing song spells and preparing for her Dokimi, the ceremony where Alitheia declares her blood of the crown, or kills her. The ceremony where she must song spell as well as a professional, becomes betrothed, and swear to give the realm a daughter. Nothing special. At night she dreams of a prophecy concerning six other girls who will save the underwater world. But the ceremony goes wrong goes wrong. Her  future husband whom she had fallen for when they had last met she finds cheating on her. During the ceremony the palace is invaded and her father killed, her mother poisoned.

She is forced on a journey around the world, to find the other girls

Daughter of Merrow, find the five

Brave enough to keep hope alive

One who’s heart will hold the light

one who possessed of a prophets sight

one who does not yet believe

Thus has no choice but to deceive

one with spirit sure and strong

one who sings all creatures songs

Together find the talismans

Belonging to the six who ruled

hidden under treacherous waters

after light and darkness dueled

the girls are spread across the six seas and now six girls together must find the master and the talismans, in hope to save their world

Deep Blue is a tale of mythology, magic and adventure. It is a great example of how great teamwork can be. I loved reading Deep Blue and can’t wait to read the second book. This book reminds me of my friends, how special they are and everything we’ve been through.

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One Response to Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly

  1. sharonledwith says:

    Thanks, Gaea! This book sounds great and I’ll add it to my to-be-read pile! Glad to see you back and reviewing awesome books! Hugs!

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