across the star-swept sea by Diana Peterfreund

across the star-swept seaAcross the star-swept sea is a romantic, futuristic story about Persis Blake, a flirty, famous, beautiful, stupid girl on the royal court. Justen Helo, a Galatean, a medic and traitor to the revolution with a dark secret, and the mysterious Wild Poppy, a mysterious person who raids Galatea and rescues the reduced; a devastating brain disorder that caused the wars that tore the earth.

When Persis returns from Galatea, she meets Justen, who wishes to speak with the Princess about asylum, and ends up stuck in a fake romance with Persis. They go to Persis’s house and meet Helosis, Persis’s mother who is a reg and is darkening. As soon as Persis learns Justen’s secret, she wishes to kill him, no matter what his medical skills could do for her mother, the reduced regs…and herself. And with Galatea’s revolution turning deadly, war on Persis’s country one mistake away, and Persis falling for the enemy, will the Wild Poppy be able to save the day…and her heart?

What I like about across the star-swept sea is that Persis is an actress, spy, and able to convince everyone that needs to believe it that she is stupid while she is really brilliant. She has the heart of the champion, skill of Nancy Drew, and the determination of a bobcat. Justen is determined to save the regs he unknowingly hurt, and to live up to the reputation of being a Helo. This book pulled me in with the first few words and held me right to the very end. I’ve reread this more than twice and it never gets old.


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