May the K9 spy book review

This week I read May the K9 spy Books 1 and 2 here are their reviews:

      May Finds a Way: How I become a K9 Spy(May the K9 Spy) review from amazon:

Sometimes I start with a well-thought out plan, and sometimes, me being me,
things just happen. In my imagination I’m on my way, heading anywhere. Because
anywhere’s better than here. Which is why I’m staring at this latch. I’m going to escape today. I’ve been watching closely to see how they work it, though no one’s noticed.
Humans… So unaware…
In this first-of-the-series adventure, May, an imaginative young Schnauzer, tells her own story in first dog. She escapes a bad situation through adoption into the home of a grouchy Labrador. When her new family moves to the country, May ventures out where she’s not supposed to be, and discovers an odd “bird” near a rickety old shed with a secret.
She’s on her way to becoming a K9 Spy!

  May Finds a Way: Peril in Paris (May the K9 Spy) review from amazon:

An enterprising escape, a perilous mission…
After going astray during K9 Service boot camp, May is captured and tries to find a
way to the American Embassy in Paris.
Join her and Léonce, a feral cat, as they sniff out an evil plot leading them from Benjamin Franklin’s park through the historic Passy Cemetery to The Pantheon… including a journey under the city!

Here’s what I like about these books:

They have the sence of adventures that really makes you BARK with joy and suspense that keeps you reading. They have a great mystery that everyone can enjoy – no matter what age. The pictures add a great touch aswell.

Book 1: This book gets you hooked from the beginning. May has you worried as she is attacked by a hawk and stops a bomb from blowing up.

Book 2: This book shows that evan little shows of kindness will go a long way. May helped a rat when he was being attacked by a cook and it helped him find a way into the ammerican embssy and stop the evil plan. Léonce saves her from a gang and more times, teaches her valuble lessons, helps her stop the plot, and they become friends!!!

Next week I will be reading The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. <-This is my favorite book!

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10 Responses to May the K9 spy book review

  1. Thank you Miss Gaea!
    I’m soooo glad you enjoyed my books!
    This is a pawsome review. We’ll share with others.
    I’ve been out on a mission and just returned so that’s why I’m just now posting.
    Thank you again!!!
    Since I spoke to you, the books are now available as e-books on Amazon!
    Have a happy summer.
    Love from May the K9 Spy

    PS: The Secret Garden is one of Mom’s faves too by the way…

  2. Virginia says:

    Oh, these are great!! And I so love your review!

  3. ritamonette says:

    Yay, Gaea! Another great review. I love May too. I’ve actually met her in person. She is as sweet as she is smart.

  4. Thom says:

    Excellent review. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

  5. Y’all are so kind. *blush*
    And thanks again to Miss Gaea for featuring us!
    She’s pretty PAWSOME!!! 😀

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