9 lives, I will survive by Jan Crossen

*** The 9 life triology is true. ***

This week I read 9 lives, I will survive by Jan Crossen. Here are your reviews:

Joshua is a tenacious young boy who, like a lucky feline, appears to live a charmed life by defying death on several occasions. His challenges began while he was still in his birth mother’s womb. This is a story of survival, and the interracial adoption of an older, special needs child into a home with two loving and committed mothers. Amazon

Joshua is a young boy who tells his story through the three books.The other two books titals are 9 lives,Full Circle and 9 lives, Cat Tales. His story begins while he is in his birth mothers stomach. He begins by telling that his mother drank while she was pregnant, a bad thing to do. Even the tiniest drop has the potential to hurt the baby. Then that his mother went into labor too early and there went one of his ‘9 lives’. Then after he survived that his parents fought alot forcing him and his siblings into foster care. Then his aunt and uncle adopted them. His uncle abused everyone of them and josua called the police.

Here’s what I like about this book:

   This book starts from the begining. It doesen’t start just in one place of a persons life, like most books do. And it relates to something I understand- cat lives. And the life threat a little too.  If I was placed in the ‘uncle situation’ I probly would have punced the uncle several times. Some parts of the book were scary.  It just makes me sad to know that kids gho through this but I know thast it is true.

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4 Responses to 9 lives, I will survive by Jan Crossen

  1. sharonledwith says:

    Wow, this sounds like such a sad, but honest story, Gaea! I like the idea of Joshua relating his life in cat lives! Great concept! Thanks for the review, Goddess!

  2. cloeb1234 says:

    Yeah it does seem a little sad that his uncle was abusing everyone. But i do think Jan had a good idea about the nine lives. If i had nine lives i would first jump off a building. Just to feel the adrenaline rush coursing through my body. I woudnt do it if i was me right now. Also, who drinks when their pregnant!!! But even though it sounds sad , I am going to read that sometime during the summer. Thank you Gaea!!! You ROCK OLYMPUS!!!

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