Journal in the Jug review

This week I read Journal in the Jug by K.G.McAbee. Here are your reviews:

When the paintings seem to glimmer, then the portals start to
Twelve-year-old Noah Macgregor can’t get that
ridiculous line of poetry from an old journal out of his head. And he certainly
didn’t plan to get his older sister Holly, their dog Gilbert and himself
It was an accident. He and Holly were just following
Gilbert through the dark hallways of the old house that had belonged to a pirate
two hundred years before. They find Gilbert just in time to see him run full
speed into…and it looks like, through…a painting. Naturally, they follow their
dog; wouldn’t you? And Noah has at least a vague idea of what might be on the
other side, thanks to stuff he’d read in that same old journal he’d found inside
a jug.
But on the other side of the painting, he and his sister
find themselves in a strange sort of colonial South Carolina, where animals do
some pretty surprising things and men made of brass and bronze walk and talk.
And it gets worse. Captain Ambrose Craven is alive and even badder than
And worst of all: they’re not exactly sure how to get back
home… Amazon

Noah and Holly Macgregor are

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4 Responses to Journal in the Jug review

  1. Cloeb1234 says:

    I just finshed reading Here Lies Linc it is a very good book about a 13 year old boy who has lived by cemetarys his whole life. He was homeschooled intill he went to public school. Thats when everything went wrong.

  2. Cloeb1234 says:

    Oh and good job expressing the book Journal

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