book review: The Headless Oxman by P. B. Azeltine / contest info

This week I read  The Headless Oxman by P. B. Azeltine. Here are your reviews:

Jesse Skylock Holmes thinks he’s a pretty good detective. He should be, since his father, Detective Douglas Holmes, who works for the Mason Police Department, trained him to observe the smallest details from the time he wore diapers. So when there’s an unveiling of a statue of the town founder, Zachariah Mason, and his head is cut off, Jesse is on the case. He gets help from his two best friends, Austin MacGreggor and Poe Jones. They have competition searching for the head by two popular girls in school, Daytona Drew and Laura Ricci. Who finds the head first? Who becomes the hero/heroines of the town?
In their search, the boys discover something shocking: a hundred year old body. The body is hiding two secrets, one the town wants to keep a secret, a murder, and the other the town wants to find, a treasure. Can the boys uncover the murderer and/or will they discover this hidden treasure that people have been searching for for over one hundred years!? –Amazon

Jesse Holmes is almost a young detective. His dad works at the police department in their town and has taught him to find clues since he was 3. How? By moving furniture during the night and having Jesse guess what was moved. so when He and his town find their founder’s statue head cut off, Jesse and his friends investigate. After finding the dead body of J. R. Dixen, The boys feel closer than ever to finding the gold that J. R. Dixen hid for his nice to find.

Here’s what I like about this book:

This book is a real world thing-except for the kids giving up their food and picking up trash. I would love to read a squeal of this book. It really draws you in. only problem, no AR test. If their was, it would be worth at least 4 points when you add in the pages and word size. awesome book!!!! The screaming was super funny.

Here is your contest information:

For the remainder of the mounth, everyone that comments is in the running for a couple of prizes. Here are the details:

Anyone who comments in the month of April will be in the running for the prize book and will be allowed to recommend one book for me to review.

No rude or off topic comments allowed

this will be a random drawing

people are only entered once.

**The prises are that the winner gets to have a copy of the The Headless Oxman and gets to choose a book for me to review in June**

Thanks!!!!!:) 🙂

Next week I am reading Nine Lives by Jan Crossen.

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