Contest winner!!!

This month’s winner is……… Andrea!!

Congrats Andrea you’ve won your self a copy of  The journal and you get to give my a book to review.

I am in need of books to review over the summer starting from June. PLEASE give me more books to review. And author friends PLEASE suggest me to more authors!! Thanks!!

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11 Responses to Contest winner!!!

  1. Congrats to Andrea!

  2. Hello Gaea,
    I already sent you the Wee People books and I think you would enjoy Vickie Johnstone’s Kiwi series beginning with Kiwi in Cat City. Also Nickie Stories’ Grimsley Hollow series would be a fun series for you to read.

  3. Cloeb1234 says:

    Hi Gaea. Its weird that im talking to you outside of school. I like that video ALOT!!! What a cutie!!!!!!!

  4. Andrea says:

    Wow!!! This is incredible news!!!!! Thank you so much!!

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