Author interview: K.G. McAbee

There is only 3 days left in the contest!!!

This week I am reading: journal in the Jug by K. G. McAbee.  This is the book the winner will win. Here is her author interview:

Questions for authors

K.G. McAbee photo from Amazon

K.G. McAbee photo from Amazon

· When did you decide to be an author?

I decided to become an author when I was a little girl. Of course, I also decided to become, in no particular order: an astronaut, an oceanographer, a linguist, an archaeologist, and a few other things. In fact, I usually changed my mind about what I wanted to be once a week or so. But always and forever, I loved to read. I couldn’t wait to learn how, and once I started, I’ve never stopped. That led to writing, I guess, and it seems to be true with most writers.

· What was your first piece published?

Actually, I had two pieces accepted on the same day, so I guess they both have to be my first. Writer’s Journal magazine awarded my historical short story “The Scent of Gardenias” first prize in their fiction contest. The other first was a fantasy short story called “With Murderous Intent” which was accepted by a Canadian magazine called Challenging Destiny. As you can see, I write a lot of different things.

 · What character is most like you?

I usually write about very strong girls who don’t really know how strong they are, or can be, and who surprise themselves when they find out. In my book The Journal in the Jug, Holly Macgregor is like that. She’s an artist and kind of day-dreamy and distracted, but she finds out she can be a lot stronger than she realized when she and her brother end up in the power of a very dark and evil man. I like that, and I like to think I’m strong…but I’m probably not!

· What was the first story you wrote as a child?

First grade! My mom had a coffee table with a glass top, and when I was little, maybe about three, I crawled up on it and cracked the glass. I wrote a story about it, with an illutration I colored in with my crayons. I’m pretty sure I got an A on it!

· Do you have any advice for anyone writing a book?

Don’t give up! Writing is the most fun in the world, but a book can take a long time. You can’t let yourself get discouraged; you have to hang in there. And it’s really, really, REALLY important to learn grammar and spelling and punctuation in school, because those are the tools you will need when you write your book.

· Who is your favorite author?

I have lots of favorites! When I was a kid, I loved science fiction—still do!—and read lots of it by Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov and Andre Norton. I love J.R.R. Tolkien and reread The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit often. I love books about vampires and zombies and others kinds of scary things too. I love mysteries; I’ve read all the Sammy Keyes books and wish the author would write some more, quick!

· What technique do use write (make it up as you go, plan it)?

I have writer friends who outline and plan their books, but I can’t do that. I wish I could! I’m what’s called a ‘pantser’ or someone who writes by the seat of my pants. That means I make it up as I go. I usually know where I’m heading but I’m not often sure exactly how I’m going to get there, in other words. And sometimes my characters will surprise me by making me go in a direction I never expected. For example, when I was writing a scene in The Journal in the Jug, I never expected Gilbert the dog to start talking! I was as surprised as Noah and Holly! I talk to my dogs, so I guess I’ve always wished they could talk back to me; maybe that’s where the talking animals in this series came from.

· What piece are you working on now?

I just finished a steampunk novella about zombies called Blackthorne and Rose. Right now, I’m working on book three in my Clockwork Pirates series. It’s called The Fortress in the Forest and will be all about Noah and Holly searching for their dog Gilbert in the deep woods of upstate South Carolina back in the 1700s, where they got trapped when they went through a painting. They gain some new friends on the way, including a skunk named Alexander who hates it when anyone mentions how much he smells.

· What is your favorite book?

Ouch, that’s like asking who my favorite author is! I love to read so much, and I read all the time. I guess my favorite book is the one I’m looking forward to reading next…or maybe the one I just finished. Or the one I just heard about, and I’m waiting for the library to get it. Interlibrary loan is the wonder and glory and ultimate achievement of the human race.

· Did you receive any awards for a book of yours?

I won the Dream Realm Award for Best YA fantasy. I shared the Eppie Award for Best Children’s Book with the other authors; it was a collaboration. I won the Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence for my very first book, a fantasy.

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2 Responses to Author interview: K.G. McAbee

  1. sharonledwith says:

    Loved the Hobbit! Great interview, gals! Such sage advice too: Never Give Up! Cheers and best wishes in all your publishing endeavors!

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