Stained glass Summer by Mindy Hardwick

This week I  read Stained glass Summer by Mindy Hardwick. Here are your reviews:

Twelve-year-old Jasmine adores her photographer father and wants to be an artist just like him. But when Dad abandons the family, Jasmine is sent to spend the summer with her uncle on a Pacific Northwest Island. Soon, Jasmine is learning stained glass from island glass artist Opal, and thinking she might just be developing a crush on island boy Cole. But, it’s not until Jasmine finds herself mentoring another young artist that she can truly let go of her father and call herself an artist on her own terms.Amazon 
Jasmine Really wants to be like her dad. She tries and tries but always breaks one of his rules. But when her dad abandons her family and leaves a note calling it a trip she is really torn. So she decides that she is going to go visit her uncle on a island. She made a list of her goals there. -Me

Here is what I like about this book:

This book is awesome. It gives you a picture of what a lot of kids go through.

This week I am reading Guinevere at Eve of Legend by Cheryl Carpinello. The Contest is still on for another two weeks.


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2 Responses to Stained glass Summer by Mindy Hardwick

  1. sharonledwith says:

    I don’t think you can beat awesome. Great review, Gaea! Cheers, ladies!

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