A story that I wrote myself: Runaway Island

Here is a story that I wrote myself.

Orphans; Jackson age 6 had brown hair and adventurous black eyes, Waite age 16 had light brown hair and stern brown eyes, sisters Zaria age 14 had caring blue eyes and light brown hair and Zeynip age 4 with wide blue eyes and blonde banana curls, and the twins Charles and Zodiac are 10 with their red hair and green eyes were running through their plans to run away.

“Okay, tonight at 11 o’clock I will flash a light, how many times?” Waite asked.

Eleven,” Zeynip replied sleepily,“What is everybody supposed to bring?”

“Tents, clothes, sleeping bags, food, filled water bottles, sun gear, compasses, batteries, lights, matches, and binoculars,” the twins chanted together.

“And a first aid kit, cooking supplies, silverware, bravery, a positive attitude, money, and a backpack,” Jackson chimed in.                                                                                                  “Great! Good job,” Zaria praised.

A few minutes later they all were safe inside houses meeting their “new families” and finding the supplies. After dinner they met up and bought some clothes. Then the kids packed their backpacks and went to bed claiming to be tired after the long journeys.

Waite woke up at 10:45 and made sure everything was ready. By the time he was finished it was 10:59. Then he signaled everyone it was time to go.

Once everyone was out of their house, they all started to run towards the darker woods. When they arrived at the river, they were surprised to find a boat. It looked like someone had known they were running away and was helping them. They rushed toward it, climbed in, and started rowing towards the sea.

The runaways had been rowing in the sea for a week when a storm hit. Waite, Charles, and Jackson lost control of the boat and the wind threw the oars overboard, hitting everyone in the head, knocking them out. When they woke up, the runaways found themselves stranded on an island. Worried that someone might find them, Zaria rushed them into the surrounding forest. They started looking for a place to set up camp, a water source, and food sources. After they found these things, they got some rest and replenished the supplies that they could. Then they explored the island.

A week later the girls, Zeynip, Zaria, and Zodiac, found something while they were searching and picking flowers in a meadow. They found portals scattered all over. Excited they ran to find the boys so they could show them. The boys had a surprise of their own. While they were hunting, they had found a herd of horses and necklaces that enabled them to travel to any country, speak that language, and understand the person they were talking to. They found each other at their campsite and made plans to visit the horses and the meadow with the portals the next day.

The girls were amazed at the beauty of the horses and wanted to ride them. The boys were amazed at the portals and wanted to jump in one, but Waite noticed Zaria staring out to sea as though she was dreaming. When he looked closer he saw the fear in her eyes. He turned out toward the sea and saw a ship roughly sailing to the island. Waite and Zaria panicked telling the other kids to run back to camp because people were coming. There they made their plans to avoid being seen by people.

“Okay, put these on. That way after we hide the portals we can teleport out of here.”Charles passed out the necklaces.

“What about the camp?” Jackson asked.

“How about this, Zaria, Charles and I will go take care of the portals. Jackson, Zeynip, and Zodiac will stay here and gather our supplies and take down the camp,” Waite proclaimed.

“I agree,” everyone said together.

“Where will we meet up afterwards?” Zeynip asked.

“How about the horses’ meadow?” Zaria answered.

“Perfect. And how long will we have?” Zodiac asked.

“I’d say about 20 minutes,” Waite answered.

Zaria, Charles and Waite ran off towards the meadow with the portals. When they arrived they grabbed large rocks and placed them over a portal. A loud sucking sound was the result. Zaria knelt down by a portal and whispered to it.

“Unless you want to be discovered by more strangers”, she whispered, “You need to stop and tell the others to stop too.” Out loud she said, “Too bad we can’t scare the intruders away. Then we could just hide and wait for them to leave.”

While over at the campsite, the younger children gave a task to each other.

“Zeynip, you gather our supplies and pack the bags. Jackson you take down our tents. I will hide the remains of our fires and trails.” Zodiac announced.

“Who put you in charge?” Jackson said rudely as he did his task.

Nineteen minutes later all the children ran into the horses’ meadow.

“I asked the portals to scare the people away and to call us back to the island after the people were gone. When we leave we must buy 24 tasty treats for the portals,” Zaria said as Zeynip passed out the backpacks. “So when we go to the main land let’s go in the woods and then slip into the houses that we were sent to live in and wash the dishes and our bodies. Then let’s disguise ourselves and go shopping to replenish our supplies.”

“Great idea, Zaria. And if anyone questions us let’s say we are going on a camping trip.”

Then they were off. They arrived in the same place they had imagined themselves in.  At 11 that night they snuck in to the houses they were supposed to be living in and washed themselves and the dishes. Then at 5:30 the next day they started walking to go shopping. They had their disguises on and were acting like normal people in their age group.

After they had finished shopping and checking out the lost kids list, they ran back to the woods where they felt themselves being pulled back to the island. So they asked the necklaces to take them to the island. Once they got there they realized that it was a trick. As soon as they got there they felt like someone was watching them. Then they felt someone grab their hands and tie them together. Then they were tied to a tree with another person. Seconds later a gross face appeared in front of them.

“What are you brats doing on my island?” he snarled.

“Your island. Since when was this your island?” Zaria retorted.

“Since I found it. You brats be quiet,” their captor growled.

“NO. When did you find it?” Jackson declared.

“Five minutes ago. NOW BE QUIET!!! Or I will eat you as my supper,” their captor growled again.

“Hey, Waite, what if we ask our necklaces to take us out of these ropes and disguises us as police officers and then take him with the necklaces to the police department to put him in jail?” Zaria asked.

“Excellent idea Zaria let’s try it.”

And so they did they called down to their necklaces quietly to take them out of the ropes, signaled for the others to stay put, and asked their necklaces to disguise them as police officers. Then they walked over to where the kidnapper sat eating his dinner and arrested him. Then they asked their necklaces to take them to the police station. They arrived and took their prisoner inside. Placed him in a jail cell and got out of there.

Once in the safety of the woods they asked to go back to the island and arrive in their own clothes. They did and then they ran to the others and untied them then they faced the problem of keeping ships off the island.

“Let’s ask our necklaces to take the island to the middle of the Bermuda triangle.” Zeynip suggested.

“Yes, let’s do that.”

And so they did.


I am setting up a contest so come back Friday to learn all about it!

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18 Responses to A story that I wrote myself: Runaway Island

  1. sharonledwith says:

    Great job, Gaea! I hope your mom isn’t jealous? LOL!

  2. Shelley D says:

    What a great story! I love your imagination! Awesome job!

  3. andrea says:

    Awesome story! Love the phrase ‘blonde banana curls’!! 🙂

  4. Rae Ann says:

    Great story…..I want one of those necklaces!!!!!

  5. Diane Shields says:

    Great story, you have one heck of an imagination. I look forward to reading more of the kids adventures. And your mom should be jealous but I know she’s so proud of you.

  6. Ty Ferrill says:

    Wow, what a great story! You have an amazing imagination..I’m impressed! And where can I get one of those necklaces!

  7. chris thurauf says:

    Loved your story!

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