Sinclair Summer by Beth Bowland

This week I read Sinclair Summer by Beth Bowland. (remember I only describe the beginning) Here are your short summaries:

Katrina Hollister, her twin sister Kiara, and their quirky group of pre-teen friends find themselves playing spy during their summer vacation in the prestigious gated community of Sinclair Estates.
Not only does Katrina and her crew investigate why ginormous mushrooms are randomly appearing then disappearing when their strange new neighbor is about, but she must also deal with the up-and-coming teen sensation who moved in across the street and stole her crush. To make things worse, her mother starts dating her crush’s gorgeous father—all of which she must stop. – Amazon
Katrina Hollister, her sister Kiara, and their friends start playing spy when a new couple moves next door. Katrina finds the new neighbor lying face down in the grass as if dead. After she scares him she is told that the grass smells good. Then a neighbor invites them over for a party. At the party Katrina opens her big mouth and says hat the music is terrible. She gets a sore  ear from that. Then her crush and his father walk in. his father makes a beeline for her mom and asks her if she would like to get a drink. She agrees and then the kids hit the park. Soon after that a rising star moves to their grated community and starts crushing on Katrina’s crush. A few nights later, the girls’ mom goes out on adate with her crushes dad. At a book store Katrina and Kiara see their new neighbor at a book store and buy a book about how to build bombs.
Next week I am reading stain glass summer.
come back tomorrow to read a piece that I wrote myself.
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4 Responses to Sinclair Summer by Beth Bowland

  1. sharonledwith says:

    What a coincidence, I just received my Sinclair Summer bookmarks in the mail today! Sounds like a great MG read, with lots of mystery, and lots of crushes! Cheers Gaea and Beth, well done!

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