BethBowland This week I am reading Sinclair Summer by Beth Bowland. Here is a rerun of her author interview.


· When did you decide to be an author?

The writer in me has always existed. I’ve always enjoyed writing and creating stories. However, the actual ‘sit down in a chair and write’ a full novel, did not happen until eight years ago. My daughter pushed me to start the book that I’d been talking about writing for years.

· What was your first piece published?

My first published book was Grape Bubblegum. Also available is Sinclair Summer. Later this year, my middle-grade fantasy will be released.

· What character is most like you?

I used to think I was more like Beatrice, but the more I think about it. I’m a lot like Aunt Abbey J.

· What was the first story you wrote as a child?

In the fourth grade I wrote a story called “The Mystery of Room 4” and my father illustrated. It was full of mystery and intrigue. Well, at least I thought it was. LOL!

· Do you have any advice for anyone writing a book?

Sit down and write the story. Don’t think about what you’re doing, just keep writing until you’ve reached the end. People tend to talk about it, but never actually get to the ‘doing’ part. You can fix everything during the revision process. Believe in your story. Have fun writing. Let your imagination run wild and tune out the naysayers!

· Who is your favorite author?

I can’t name a favorite. It changes frequently.

· What technique do use write (make it up as you go, plan it)?

I just make it up as I go. No plotting or planning it’s like a movie reel starts rolling and I just write what I see in my mind.

· What piece are you working on now?

Another middle-grade fantasy with a light sprinkle of sci-fi.

· What is your favorite book?

All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot.

· Did you receive any awards for a book of yours?

Not yet…but I’ve won several in my dreams J


Beth Bowland, a native Ohioan, has always enjoyed reading and making up stories of her own. She writes picture books and middle grade fiction. When she’s not writing, she loves watching HGTV. She has one daughter and resides in Arlington, Texas, with her husband, Phillip, and feisty 5lb Maltese, Rocky.



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  1. sharonledwith says:

    Hey, I’ve won some awards in my dreams to, Beth! LOL! Love your advice too: just sit down and write! Cheers, ladies, great interview!

  2. I’ve never even dreamed of winning awards. Do you have to eat or drink something special before bedtime to accomplish that? I know it can’t be chocolate! Great interview. I love that your daughter bullied you into writing seriously.

  3. beth bowland says:

    Hi Gaea! Thanks for reading Sinclair Summer 🙂 Cordelia, to have those types of dreams, try cookies before bedtime 🙂

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