Grace’s Review: The Bravest Squirrel Ever and Meet Sara Shafer!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bravest Squirrel Ever by Sara Shafer

The Bravest Squirrel Ever-kindle1
This book is about Pippi the squirrel. Her brother Max finds a human house attic that they call a nest. Pippi and their older sister Lana don’t think it is safe. At first Pippi doesn’t think it is either. Towards the end of the book she seems to like it. And then humans come and lock them into the attic so they can’t get out until their cousin comes to try to kill them but when he gets there and opens it up they jump out and then one of the squirrels jumps on their cousin’s head and he runs around screaming and then they let them go.

I liked how the squirrels act. They were funny. It was a really good book. I think other kids that are reading chapter books should read this. I’m going to read the next book about Pippi called The Bravest Squirrel in the Forest.

This is Sara Shafer.


When two squirrels invited themselves to live in Sara Shafer’s attic, she went on a quest to figure out what they were doing. When she knocked on the ceiling and they scratched back, she was hooked. She began imagining what they thought and felt, and The Bravest Squirrel Ever was born. Although her attic is currently squirrel-free, the squirrels outnumber the humans in her neighborhood and could decide to take over at any moment. She watches for signs of invasion as she plots her next story of squirrel bravery. For fun facts about squirrels, you can visit her website at

·When did you decide to be an author?

Eleven years ago, when my kids were toddlers, I decided I wanted to be an author, so I started learning about publishing and how to make good characters and an exciting plot.

·What was your first piece published?

In 7thgrade, I belonged to a school writing club, and I had a short story published in our little newsletter. I also wrote a family newsletter that my grandparents shared with all their friends, which I forced my poor brother and sister to contribute articles to.

·What character is most like you?

Like Lana, I do have a tendency to freeze when I get scared. But I think I am probably most like Pippi—cautious but curious, determined and brave when I need to be, and wanting to be close to my family at all times.

·What was the first story you wrote as a child?

My first “book” was actually a play I wrote in 5thgrade. I chose to make it a play because I only wanted to write the dialogue. Soon though, I needed a way to fit in all the emotions and motivations, and I started writing novels.

·Do you have any advice for anyone writing a book?

Read a lot of books by other authors. It will make you a better writer.

·Who is your favorite author? What is your favorite book?

I just read the entire Harry Potter series out loud to my daughter. It took us nine months, but we both really enjoyed it. We also read The Clockwork Three by Matthew J. Kirby, and we loved it! Another book we really enjoyed together is A Dog’s Way Home by Bobbie Pyron. If you want a realistic book about what it’s like to have a pet squirrel, check out Nuts by Kacy Cook.

·What technique do you use write (make it up as you go, plan it)?

I used to use a make it up as I go along technique for writing, but when I did that, I had to go back and fix a lot of parts that didn’t make sense or where nothing was really happening. I’ve figured out that if I can plan out my entire story before I start to write it, I write a better book, and I don’t have to fix as many things after I’m done.

·What piece are you working on now?

I’ve written a book about a boy who goes go-kart racing at a local kart track. I’d love to turn that into a series about him and all his racing friends. I’ve also written a book about a boy who gets struck by lightning and switches bodies with a famous race car driver. But I haven’t forgotten my squirrels! I have Lana’s story planned out and would love to write it soon.

·Did you receive any awards for a book of yours?

Just hearing someone say they’ve read and enjoyed my book is all the reward I need.

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10 Responses to Grace’s Review: The Bravest Squirrel Ever and Meet Sara Shafer!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. sharonledwith says:

    OMG – I had a squirrel that ate its way into my screened-in porch, and it took my neighbor and myself an hour to get it out! We finally had to remove the screen paneling and that sucker flew outta there! Fun times! Great interview, Gaea and Sara! Can’t believe you read the entire Harry Potter series aloud! Can you say ‘sore throat’? LOL! Cheers!

    • Grace says:

      Ha!Ha!Ha! Thanks!!!!!!!!

      • ssaradaniel says:

        Too funny, Sharon! (Although maybe not so funny at the time?!) I love your squirrel story. And yes, Harry Potter was quite the saga to read out loud. But now that it’s over, I’m kind of sad because we haven’t found anything to replace it that takes more than a couple weeks to read. I miss that continuity of constant familiar characters.

  2. We have LOTS of squirrels around our backyard, this made me laugh. I do wonder if they’re planning to take over the neighborhood someday. 🙂 Great interview, Grace!

    • Grace says:

      :)!!Thanks!!!!! Where we live we have black squirrels. I think they are cute.


      • ssaradaniel says:

        We have a few blacks squirrels too. Not many though. When I was researching for my squirrel books, I found out that some towns have white albino squirrels. I would really like to see one of those in person!

  3. Lisa Orchard says:

    This is definitely a cute story! Great interview too! 🙂

  4. ssaradaniel says:

    Thanks for your wonderful review, Grace. I’m glad you liked Pippi and her siblings. The squirrel jumping on the person’s head was my favorite part to write!!

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